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I have a few objectives in creating this website. In sharing my own personal ADHD articles, I hope to help spare some headaches for others experiencing this same tough journey.  Let me explain…

the road less traveled

My Journey on the road less traveled.

I am a single mom trying to raise a disabled child. I know, I know, I felt you roll your eyes…but hear me out. This is not about a pity me party or ooohh my life is so hard. It’s really not. I’m very fortunate with where I am and how far I’ve come. I will at times whine a little and complain about things but I will be doing so as I feel it is important to get the word out. This is not my job, this is something I’m doing during my off time. I am a telecommuter with a real world full time job. Recently I was at work and my boss introduced me to a new manager. He told her, “This is the person to go to for Special Needs.” I cocked my head at him like what man? She recently moved here from another state and is in the process of getting her children enrolled in school. One of her children is on an IEP. You will see that acronym a lot so I’ll explain it later…promise! Anyway, my boss has heard all of the things I’ve gone through so far with my son and so he was letting her know that I may be able to help if she got stuck.

Up until that point, I had never really thought of myself as a go-to person for special needs children. And I had never really thought about how little people know and understand about the “special needs” life. So I want to share and get the word out in the hopes of helping someone else that maybe is starting some of the things that I’ve already had the…pleasure…of overcoming. I will also, at times, share experiences that have been shared with me along the way. However, I will not be mentioning names and disclosing personal information about my kid, or any of the others that have shared with me in my own journey.


The Shame


Shameful Parenting

As I stated before, I am a single mom. And raising children is eeexpeeeensive! Boy howdy is it expensive. But add medical issues and disabilities on top of that and the dollar figure skyrockets. For over a decade now I’ve gone through various levels of shame. Shame that I can’t buy my son the most high tech gadgets for Christmas, shame that I can’t afford to enroll him in the various high priced extra-curricular activities such as Karate, shame that I can’t buy him the top brands of clothes, shame that I have to reschedule doctor’s and dentist appointments to a time I can afford the co-pays, shame that my own health has been on hold his entire life so that he can get everything he needs, shame that I rarely have any extra funds to take him on a fun vacation somewhere, etc. I have a very good paying job. But between the doctors, dentists, specialists, and therapists…I just can’t seem to get ahead.  There always just seems to be another crisis waiting just around the corner.


Personal Goals

Worry or Relief

Spare the Headache!

That brings me back to the title of this post…my objectives. A second objective of this blog is to try my luck at affiliate marketing so that I can get another source of income coming in to help out. I have a lot of goals…buy a house, buy a reliable vehicle, pay off my student loans, get out of debt, maybe help my son with college one day. But my goals are further and further away with every doctor’s appointment that gets scheduled. So ads posted on this site are posted in hopes that they will interest somebody enough to click on them so I can earn a little more toward my goals. And since I know I’m not the only single mom out there struggling because of medical bills and whatnot, I will also make myself available to answer questions if any of you are interested in earning money online.

Fair warning, I will probably jump around a whole lot and what I share may be way out of sequential order. But anyway, I will try to title and tag my posts so that they are most relevant to what I will be ranting…err…um…blogging about. I’m 12 years into this journey already…and there is soooo much to talk about. But things happen on the daily and I’m not quite ready to write a book. So…that’s it. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m doing this. If you have no interest in what I say, please feel free to close the window and never return. But I suspect that somebody, somewhere, at some point will use part of my journey to help with their own. And if it saves at least one headache for a parent…I’m happy to share. Thanks for stopping by!

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