Don’t Waste Your Time Homeschooling – A Product Review

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Is it a waste of time?

Waste of Time or Not?

Last night I was surfing Amazon for some books about homeschooling.  Specifically, I was looking for something to help me plan out the year and make homeschooling most effective for my son so I don’t waste a lot of time doing things unnecessarily.  There were only five days from the time that I decided to research homeschooling to the time that I took the plunge, got his materials, and withdrew him from public school.  So there was very little planning involved and we scrambled to get started.  Now that the mad rush is over, I want to make sure I do the best for him that I possibly can.

While surfing, I found a book called, Don’t Waste Your Time Homeschooling: 72 Things I Wish I’d Known by Traci Matt.  When I saw this, I simply had to read it.  I needed to know why it didn’t work for her and why she thought it was a waste of time, so I purchased it right away and read it.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick Read
  • Helpful Resources
  • Helpful Tips
  • Honest Experience
  • No Fluff


  • Deceiving Title
  • Too Short


Traci Matt provides a bunch of really helpful tips and resources for such a short book.  The book was 72 pages long and took less than an hour for me to read.  The author was very direct and to-the-point so there wasn’t any fluff in the book just to fill space.  I liked that.  Spoiler alert: she homeschooled all three of her children and was not advising against homeschooling, which was the impression that I got from the title.  That’s okay though, it got me to buy the book and I’m glad I did.  I now have two other books on my Wish list as well as some other resources to check into.


Target Audience

This book is clearly intended for anybody who is currently or is considering homeschooling their children.  It gives a lot of things that are just good to know when getting started and gives you ideas for how to handle certain situations.



This is an eBook that you can download to your Kindle and sells for $2.99.  However, I was able to download this book free as I am a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited.


Final Opinion

5 Stars

5 Star Rating!

I would definitely recommend this book to other parents considering homeschooling.  From legal references to differences between children, you’re sure to find at least a few useful tips in this book and you can’t beat the price.





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